Whether you’re looking for beautiful beaches or mountains that take your breath away, we’ve compiled some of our natural destinations for 2020. Take a look!


The sheer size and intensity of Norway’s natural environment is what causes the jaws to fall in this Scandinavian country. The principle of water here. The expanse still sits right at the base of the mountains, where waterfalls stand thousands of feet in line from the snow-capped peaks and flow down to the fastest, purest rivers.


Semicircle Lake Atlanta. Acting. You will hear these names when talking about Guatemalan nature.

Semoch Champe is a dense green forest where natural limestone towers cut across a river, making pools perfect for swimming. The deepest lakes of Central America can also be found here. Lake Atlanta is a natural deep lake that is surrounded by volcanic views and mountains from every angle.


Try to increase the Akitengo volcano outside Antigua, Guimala, to the toughest challenge. You’ll spend the night sleeping under the stars, with views of the ever-expanding red hot lava from Fogo Vulcano across the view.


Want to see the best of African Wildness? Absolutely full of hippos and crocodiles, the Zambezi River is a wonderful place on earth. The elephants roamed the rivers of Zimbabwe, stopping by the sand with their young. Here on safari, by boat or by land, you will see lions, Quds, Anfal, leopards, zebras, giraffes, and more.



stic coastline, but beyond that, you can find all the incredible nature on this continent. Endless outbacks, gummy forests, rainforests are waterfalls of all shapes and sizes (and heights!), And the waves of the hills covered in vineyards are some of the diverse options below for nature lovers.




The Albanian Alps are bounded by small mountain villages where wild horses roam the crystal clear rivers. Meanwhile, the bright blue waters of the Adriatic Sea wash over the uninhabited coastline, surrounded by hills and beautiful natural springs.
The most incredible part of Albanian nature is how restless it is. You can easily find yourself on a private beach, camp, and enjoy the magnificent views in peaceful bliss.



From palm trees in the hills of many areas to shady palm groves on the coast, wherever you go in Colombia, your nature is dying.
Located in Colombia’s Taruna National Park, the Caribbean coast combines with the lush greenery of the mountainous terrain. Near Madeleine, you’ll find amazing gossip. Climb the 700+ steps of this massive rock and enjoy the lake views of the flooded lands as far as the eye can see. In the Colombian Amazon camp, dive to Malpelo Island, watch the sunset from the clouds in Minka; the options in Colombia are endless.


Like many of these destinations, Sri Lanka is amazing from the top of its mountains to the palm trees of its coastal hills. Places like Ella offer amazing views from a nearby summit. Little Adam’s Peak offers beautiful views of green tripods as far as the eye can see.

In New Orleans, you can rely on tea gardens with a full tour and tea tasting, and nearby you can hike waterfalls or explore the Horton Plains. On safaris in Yala National Park, you will see L-awards, elephants and furry bears.

On Sigiriya, or “Lion’s Head”, you will find another world site. The vast rock here looks like it was dropped from space, and the fifth-century castle adorns it.



The best part about Ireland’s rural areas is its accessibility. This is a great place to explore the natural cities and the many green roads of the world. Near Dublin, you’ll also find mountain walks – from Bad to Gray Stones – offering stunning views of the wild Irish countryside and the Irish Sea.
Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, Scalage Islands, and Konimara are some of the popular sites, but the falling nature of the jaws is not going away in this small country.



Slovenia’s most famous sights are Lake Church Blade’s highest island, the quiet vibes of Lake Bohanj, and the amazing Julian Alps in Triglav National Park. But beyond the glistening lakes and mighty mountains you will also find vineyards in the valleys near Maribor and in the Dapjana Cave in the world’s second longest cave system. And the winds of the Soka River must be believed.
There is no wrong time to experience the nature of Slovenia. Add summer or hit the slopes in winter, either way, the nature here will amaze you.



Nearly 3,000 rock cliffs and forested islands and amazing visitors outside of Halong Bay at this UNESCO heritage site in North Vietnam.
The increase in multi-day through Sapa is a hidden gem of travel in Vietnam. Explore the best nature of this country while walking in this forest where you will stumble upon the villages of the hill tribes and stay with the locals.
Son Dong Cave, the sand dunes of Moi Ni, hiking in Ninh Binh Province, and boat trips through the Mekong Delta are other popular ways to explore Vietnam’s devastated countryside.

The best part about Ireland’s rustic territories is its availability. This is an extraordinary spot to investigate the common urban areas and the many green streets of the world. Close to Dublin, you’ll likewise discover mountain strolls – from Bad to Gray Stones – offering dazzling perspectives on the wild Irish open country and the Irish Sea. 


Precipices of Moher, Giants Causeway, Scalage Islands, and Konimara are a portion of the well known locales, yet the falling idea of the jaws isn’t disappearing in this little nation.

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