History of State Life Insurance Corporation-Sahashka

State Life Insurance was established in 1972 and is owned by the Government of Pakistan. State Life insurance offers a range of insurance products, including individual life insurance, group life insurance, health insurance, and pension plans.

Individual life insurance policies offered by State Life include endowment policies, whole life policies, term assurance policies, and child protection policies. Endowment policies offer both life insurance coverage and a savings component, which pays out a lump sum at the end of the policy term. Whole life policies provide coverage for the policyholder’s entire life and also have a savings component. Term assurance policies provide coverage for a specific period of time, usually ranging from one to thirty years. Child protection policies are designed to provide financial protection for children in case of the policyholder’s death. State Life Insurance

Group life insurance policies offered by State Life are designed to provide life insurance coverage for employees of businesses, organizations, and institutions. These policies are often offered as a part of employee benefits packages.

State Life also offers health insurance policies that cover medical expenses incurred by policyholders. These policies can be purchased as standalone policies or as add-ons to life insurance policies.

Pension plans offered by State Life provide retirement benefits to policyholders. These plans can be purchased as annuities or as lump-sum payouts. State Life Insurance

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and is rated AAA by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA).

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