New World Championship launch pubg VS Free Fire

 Wellcome To Sahsahka PUBG vs Free Fire users in India World Championship launch Grinna’s Free Fire & Tencent’s Pubg Mobile Square Measure Mobile Entertainment Business Professionals. Not surprisingly, each  has a rectangular scale among highs in downloads, sales and growth. Just  months ago, PUBG Mobile ESports done a excessive overall performance of 3.eight million in the […]

Waqar Zaka launched Pakistan’s first Crypto Mining Farm in KPK

 Wellcome To Sahsahka Waqar Zaka Achieves Another Mile Stone Web-based media sensation Waqar Zaka launched Pakistan is making endless endeavors to frame specialists to unban cryptographic money in Pakistan. Online media clients are valuing Waqar’s undertakings.    Champions have Waqar Zaka launched Pakistan is misused his online media impact to help the bitcoin business. He has even […]

coronavirus vaccine

 SAHASHKA 01  Government officials Associate in Nursingd immunizations: Set a model or cut in line? WASHINGTON – in light of the fact that the underlying circular of COVID-19 inoculations streamed out across u. s., a few individuals from Congress arranged at the Capitol doctor’s work environment to instigate immunized.  President-elect Joe Biden got unsusceptible, as […]

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